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Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

“When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation” ~ Marlene Adelmann.

The past three years of living a sober and healthy life have expanded my horizons, and each day I discover new ways to have a happy physical and spiritual life!

Last year I went to a physician who promotes whole plant diets. He recommended books and documentaries about the connection between eating animals and the destruction of our environment, and the toll it takes on our digestive system and our health.

Aside from those things, my husband and I love animals and these documentaries opened our eyes to the cruelty humans inflict on the innocent.

I've always been borderline vegetarian and was happy when my meat and potatoes husband, Barry, said he was "off meat." Permanently.

Wonderful tofu stir-fry at Hunan Taste, Denville, NJ

Well, since then my world has expanded in the culinary world, just as it's expanded since putting down the bottle three years ago. All my actions are connected to my thoughts. The healthier my thoughts, the healthier my actions.

Breakfast before emotional sobriety:

Before - heavy on fats, white carbs and processed meat.

Breakfast after becoming emotionally sober:

Whole wheat french toast with berries and bananas - with apple butter or a little pure maple syrup..

I prepare most of our meals at home, but we do like to eat out (and give me a break! lol) There's a whole world of healthful and tasty living out there and we're having a blast exploring it!

Great sandwiches and desserts at How Delish, West Orange, NJ

I thought I'd never have a sub sandwich again when we swore off meats. Wrong! There's LOTS of vegan meats available in our grocery stores. AND we found our fave restaurant for subs, just 15 minutes from us!

We love taking long weekends to our local states -- especially New Hampshire! (My fave since I was a kid and camped there with my family).

Everywhere we go we're finding great vegan restaurants! Here's one of the best in New England (our opinion! lol) The chef is creative and the food inspiring and divine. I LOVE their vegan nachos!

Vegan nachos! Col's Kitchen in Concord, NH

And I love that the owner named the restaurant for his dog Col!

And, of course, salads!

Favorite NJ Vegan and Vegan Options Restaurants:

Favorite North Eastern USA Vegan Restaurants:




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