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Diseases Caused by Alcohol Abuse

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

“Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can.” — John Wooden

I kept my head buried when I was drinking - knowing I was doing harm to my body, but not wanting to know exactly what would happen. Luckily I got help -- first detox, then rehab and now the 12 Step recovery program.

I've lost friends from this disease. Alcoholism and addiction lead to three things: prison, psychiatric wards ... or death.

Chronic Diseases and Conditions Related to Alcohol Use listed in the 2005 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study:

Malignant neoplasms

  • Mouth cancer

  • Nasopharynx cancer and other pharynx cancers

  • Esophagus cancer

  • Stomach cancer

  • Colon and rectum cancers

  • Liver cancer

  • Larynx cancer

  • Trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers

  • Breast cancer (women only)

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Prostate cancer

  • Kidney and other urinary organ cancers

  • Hodgkins lymphoma

  • Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

  • Diabetes

Mental and behavioral disorders

  • Unipolar depressive disorders

Neurological conditions

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

  • Ep.ilepsy

To sum it up -

Heavy alcohol use is linked to many forms of cancers.

Alcohol can kill liver cells, and lead to scarring called cirrhosis.

Alcohol abusers may have a higher chance of dying from heart disease.

Heavy drinking can cause mental health issues like dementia and depression.

So, drinking alcohol is not "good for your health" as we often hear advertised. Makes me wonder who's behind the campaign. Just guessing -- could it be the alcohol industry?

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