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Onymous Alcoholic

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Onymous: bearing a name. especially : giving or bearing the author's name. an onymous article in a magazine. opposed to anonymous. onymously adverb. -- Merriam Webster Dictionary

People who don't suffer from addiction have a difficult time relating to those who do. You really do need to walk a mile in someone else's shoes to empathize and understand.

Now that I'm an alcoholic in recovery I can relate to others in addiction. Because of the seriousness of our disease -- people are dying by the thousands daily -- my husband and I felt a need to give back to the recovery community. Several months ago we decided to open a place for addicts to meet, support each other, acquire information and resources while feeling safe and understood.

H.O.W. Now Coffee & Community House is that place we envisioned. While still just a pop-up at local venues, we're providing literature on rehab centers and recovery houses in New Jersey as well as good cups of coffee and baked goods. We also have merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. to provide awareness and inspiration.

Recently I started this website to write about recovery and living an emotionally sober life. I'm also in the process of getting certified as a Transformational Life Coach to help people sick and suffering from addictions, depression and anxiety.

A couple of months ago we watched an inspiring documentary "Anonymous People," produced by Kristen Johnston, known for her work in "Third Rock from the Sun" and also the author of "Guts", her story of addiction and recovery. Anonymous People urges people in recovery to speak out about addiction in the hope of removing the stigma and helping to educate the public.

At one point in the film calls the current addiction crisis "a war zone."

It is a war zone and I've vowed to come out and speak of my addiction and recovery. I've had a few friends overdose and die in the past year.

I hope -- if you're in a healthy and sound recovery -- you'll join me in recovering out loud and hopefully prevent even one more unnecessary death. I also hope to educate so addicts aren't considered oddities. We're people just like everyone -- mothers, neighbors, co-workers -- and we need help, not shame.

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