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Loving What Is

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

I recently went to the beach to relax from my hectic schedule. What I met - after an hour's drive - wasn't what I expected. Instead of a sunny, clear day, a dense fog was settled over the beach. I was disappointed but set up my umbrella and chair and hoped the fog would "burn off".

It never did.

I tried to make the best of it. Relaxing is relaxing and I had no Plan B in mind. So, I pulled out a book and started to read. But the fog formed a mist on my glasses and I soon gave up! Walking to the water's edge I looked at the small lapping waves and went back in time to my childhood and to later times when my husband and I lived near the ocean.

Thinking of my family - my parents, grandmother and sisters - I smiled thinking of all the fun we once had at the Jersey Shore! Then I started to get sad thinking of the ones who are gone and the others who I never see. I turned my thoughts then to the joyous days with my husband at the beach, but again they soon turned dark as I felt regret for leaving our first home.

Soon it wasn't just my glasses fogging, as I felt tears welling. Wiping my face I sighed, regretting the day I'd so looked forward to.

I went back to my beach chair and slumped down in defeat.

But then I realized that I was the one ruining my day! I had to accept reality and also live in the moment. These are tools I've learned that I use daily and have kept depression and fear at bay.

Depression is thoughts of the past. Fear is thinking of the future. Both things out of my control.

I closed my eyes and said to myself, "Pretend you've never been to the beach before." Suddenly I smelt the briny, salty moist air and heard the quiet lapping of the waves. Opening my eyes I saw a seagull picking at seaweed looking for morsels. The fog was still there, but it enveloped me and I realized how cool it made me after roasting at my inland home.

I smiled as I welcomed all the beauty around me. This is something I want to help others discover as a Transformational Life Coach. How to appreciate the beauty around us.

Every day can be a wonderful day!

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