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Fighting Addiction - The Milestone House

recovery-addiction-milestone house
Me and my friend Mike Frank - founder of the Milestone House

Last night I was happy and proud to sponsor a table for a fundraising event at Morris County College called "Fighting Addiction" - an educational fundraising event organized and presented by the Milestone House. Milestone House is a non-profit agency founded by Mike Frank - in 2003. Milestone House has become a premier Sober Living Program with four living facilities in Dover, NJ. It's mission is raising awareness of the addiction epidemic and informing the public about prevention and treatment services.

The speaker was Court McGee UFC Welterweight Fighter and The Ultimate Fighter 11 Champion Court McGee. Court has been in recovery since 2006 and is the founder and director of the McGee Project, a non-profit dedicated to educating communities and supporting those struggling with addiction.

recovery-addiction-milestone house
My rock and husband - Barry!

Barry - my husband, friend, rock and "event assistant" - and I raffled off two gift packages during the evening. CONGRATULATIONS to Maggie Wixson and Sidney Hollis our winners! (Chris from The Milestone House drew the lucky winners.) Each gift consists of one session of life transformational coaching, two votive memorial candles blessed by Msgr. Meyers of St. Theresa of Avila, Summit, NJ and a signed copy of my book - "Inspiring Business Women"!

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