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Day Two Sober Holidays - What Do I Say?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Yesterday's tip about planning mentioned what to say, or not say, when someone offers you a drink. This topic comes up so often around the holidays, I thought it deserved being in the top three tips for enjoying your sober holidays!

I have friends who are tee totalers. (I used to think they were boring! lol) Saying no to alcohol or asking for a soft drink doesn't bother them at all. So why should it bother us (alcoholics)?

It's because we still think like an alcoholic! We think everyone will be looking and judging us. We think we'll stand out and be mocked or shunned. We think we're the center of the universe!

Well, we're not so let's move on and discuss how to politely say no to a drink or ask for a soda.

One - When asked if you'd like a drink, say, "Yes! I'd love a diet Coke (or other soda). Thanks!" And smile widely like soda is the best drink in the world and everyone who doesn't drink soda is a fool! Just kidding - you don't have to "act" in any way at all. Just ask for a soda. No one cares!

Two - when a host/hostess is asking a group if they'd like wine or beer and everyone says wine or beer and it's your turn to reply? Say, "I'll have a club soda if you have it or anything nonalcoholic. Thanks!" No explanation.

Three - When people ask why you're not drinking? - Just say, "I don't drink alcohol." If they press the issue just excuse yourself and move away. Why? I've done an unofficial test of people that push me to drink or keep asking me why I don't. It's ALWAYS because they have a problem and are either questioning how much they drink or struggling to admiit they may be an alcoholic.

It's ALWAYS about them. So, ignore them and enjoy your soda!

So basically, drinking nonalcoholic drinks is no big deal to normal people. The problem we're creating is in our heads.

Contemplate this till tomorrow when I'll post Day Three's Tip!

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