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Identify Your Level of Emotional Awareness
1 - When faced with a challenging situation, how do you typically react emotionally?
2 - How often do you check in with yourself to assess your emotional state?
3 - How comfortable are you with expressing your emotions to others?
4 - How do you handle conflicts or disagreements with others?
5 - How do you typically cope with stress or difficult emotions?
6 - How aware are you of the physical sensations that accompany your emotions (e.g. racing heart tense muscles)?
7 - How willing are you to explore uncomfortable or unpleasant emotions?
8 - How do you view emotions ?

Based on your answers, you'll discover your level of self-awareness and receive tips and practices to begin your journey of emotional growth and joyful living.

Thanks for your willingness to be open and honest!

Thanks for your participation!

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