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Transformational & Wellness Coaching
is for those who want to step up to their highest level.

Transformational coaching sessions are for truth seekers. In each session we do a deep dive to maximize emotional growth - going past the false ego and into the recesses of the mind. We’ll work from the inside out to find the root causes of your behavior, and then create a cascade of "AHA!" moments that will breakthrough to fast and exciting growth. This personalized approach will allow you to work through even the most resistant of issues.


Ideal for You

Discover Your Authentic Self

If you find yourself constantly battling internal conflicts and are seeking clarity on your true desires and motivations ...


We'll peel back the layers of your false ego to unveil the genuine you, enabling profound self-discovery and emotional growth.

Karen Rubinstein Life Coach
recovery life coaching

Breakthrough to Growth

recovering from alcoholism and addiction

If you're ready for rapid, transformative change but feel stuck in persistent patterns ...


We'll target the root causes of your behaviors, setting the stage for a series of "AHA!" moments that pave the way for exciting and sustainable growth.

how to stop drinking and start living

Tackle Resistant Issues Head-On

life coaching for recovery

If you’ve been struggling with issues that seem resistant to change despite your best efforts ...

 We'll work from the inside out, helping you confront and overcome even the most daunting challenges.

recovery life coaching groups and individual


You’ve sought happiness and satisfaction again and again, yet something always seems out of reach. Are you dealing with depression, anxiety, or relationship issues? Through transformational coaching, we'll explore the deep-seated beliefs and thoughts that hold you back. We believe you were born whole and perfect, equipped for happiness. Together, let’s rediscover that intrinsic wholeness. Transform your life and find the lasting joy you deserve.

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