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Karen Rubinstein

I can't promise you

life will get better.

I can promise you -

you'll get better at life!

Abuse + Trauma (Doesn't Need to) = Addiction

Are you isolating, avoiding emotions or self-medicating?

I've been there and thought that's the way life was. I had no hope that it would ever change.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

I've learned coping and life skills that have turned my life around.

If you want to wake up each morning happy and excited about the day;

If you want to be joyous, happy and free - I will show you how.


Transformational Coaching is a "deep dive" that goes beyond the mask you wear for the world. You'll tap into your true self - your gut self - your inner wisdom - enabling you to combat anxiety, depression and even addictions. 

 Recovery coaching provides behavioural health support for people suffering from a type of SUD - substance use disorder - or in recovery. While transformational coaching assists change in a person’s life by altering their thought process, recovery coaching helps SUD sufferers make better life decisions and spend less time struggling. 

You can achieve incredible transformation.

I'm Karen Rubinstein -
Transformational Coach Specializing in Recovery & Addiction

My life journey has taken me through experiences of

breathtaking highs and devastating lows.

I use those lows and highs as lessons and as fuel for my emotional growth.

All my experiences have made me resilient and enable me to guide my clients on their own personal journeys.

mental abuse

emotional abuse

physical abuse

sexual abuse 

therapy abuse




night terrors

sleep paralysis


suicide attempt



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purposeful and 

My Past


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Inner Spirit - Who you are

We all have a light within us - our Inner Spirit.
We are born with it -
it's who we are.

Our light gets covered up in layers of ego (protection and false self).

We are disconnected from our true nature.

We feel something's "off".

We become restless, anxious or depressed.


We try to fill the void with chemical substances or other addictions like overspending, social media, gambling, etc.

Transformational Coaching peels back the layers and helps reconnect you with your spirit - your inner light

and essence.

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Inner Spirit

Are you stuck in a stage and don't know how to move forward?

Life doesn't better. You get better at life!

 You'll see the world more clearly and begin to make healthier decisions. 

You'll receive free tips and practices for daily self-care!

What's your level of emotional awareness?

Are you really in touch with your feelings?

Click on the heart and take a quick quiz to find out!

Read the


Sit back and relax! 

Read and enjoy taking

this time for yourself.

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I know you're feeling tired and a bit battered by life's challenges, but remember this:

you are not bad, wrong, or broken.

You are in the process of becoming, healing, and learning to embrace your True Self.

You are growing into your wisdom, bravery, and strength.

By shedding the noise, clutter, old stories, and expectations,

you are reclaiming your freedom, health, and joy.

I've got your back, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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