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Strategies for personal growth and coping with life's challenges.

  • 1 hour
  • Call 908-882-2810
  • on site

Service Description

Karen offers three different discussion and workshop packages: "Unmasking Potential: Overcoming Ego and Fear with Resilience" - Exploring the journey of identifying and overcoming the fears and ego-driven decisions that hinder personal growth. "Seeds of Change: Cultivating Resilience through Self-Discovery" - A deep dive into how understanding of one’s core being and purpose can nurture resilience and personal transformation. "Navigating Your Path with the 12-Step Compass" - A guide to rediscovering your true self through the principles of the 12-step process and overcoming the beliefs that shape your life. Along with discussion there are worksheets and projects with strategies for personal growth and coping with life's challenges

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Summit, NJ, USA

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