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Are you a high achieving perfectionist who is feeling
overwhelmed, depressed or anxious?

Are you isolating and avoiding or self-medicating from pain?
You don't have to feel that way ever again.
I can help you find your inner strength and skills.

You can be happy, joyous and free.

As a professionally trained and certified Transformational Life Coach*, I have the tools to share for emotional growth and healthful daily living.
Like a gardener, I can help you grow and thrive.

*A Life Coach gets you from point A to point B. Transformational Coaching helps you understand why you want to.

Transformation is about discovering who you are - finding purpose and meaning. Transforming yourself - transforming your life!

Discover your purpose - live a life of joy & freedom!

"Identify Your Emotional Garden" Quiz

Discover the state of your emotional garden through

this interactive quiz. Understand your emotions,

identify areas for growth, and receive tailored advice

to nurture your well-being.

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