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Self Care Questionnaire #2
My Overall Well-Being

Based on your answers, we'll discover your level of well-being. This will be the beginning of your journey in awakening to your best self and lead more  powerfully, with authenticity and balance, in each aspect of your life. 

1. I believe that I am crafting a life that has meaning and a sense of purpose – it’s a work of art.
2. I put high octane fuel (healthful foods) in my tank most of the time to keep my energy and performance high.
3. I exercise my body with vigor more days than not so that I’m fit and strong and ready for whatever life throws my way.
4. I smile to myself when faced with stresses and roadblocks and say “I can handle this.”
5. I keep my energy high from morning to night, so I am rarely too tired for ANYTHING.
6. I have a positive and optimistic can do outlook - I believe that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind and body to do.
7. I am the boss of my weight – I feel in charge and competent.
8. I am always on the lookout for ways to say thank you and do good deeds that aren’t expected.
9. I plan and control my finances so they don’t control me.
10. I watch for any emerging obsessions or addictions (e.g. email, being right, smoking, drinking, drugs, gaming, surfing online, work, pornography, exercise, eating, gambling, shopping, social media, texting); if they arise I work diligently on overcoming them, getting help if I need it.
11. I am responsible when it comes to getting medical tests, seeking medical advice, and managing any health issues.
12. I make time regularly to recharge my batteries and have fun.
13. I work hard to connect with people and build great relationships.
14. I appreciate that life brings pain and I seek help when needed to process undigested life issues, harvesting their wisdom and strength.
15. I understand that my life’s journey is to strive to be my best by: developing my strengths, continually learning, and viewing setbacks as the biggest growth opportunities of all.

Thanks for your participation!

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